AI meets sensory emotions


SENSANALYSIS is the world’s first and only sensory research expert specializing in unlocking consumer’s sensory emotions since 1984 as a powerful communicator for new CPG development, strategy and testing

  • Passionate about leveraging sensory experiences actively more often for impactful marketing strategies and emotional bonding with the consumers
  • Creator of a holistic marketing strategy that synergizes and strengthens each element of a brand to predict
  • Expert in dissecting, aligning, and integrating individual brand components to elevate overall success.

SENSANALYSIS is committed to driving sustainable success for clients, consumers, and the planet.


Global and regional leaders in Personal - , Home –, Laundry care , Beauty & Fragrances , Food & Beverage

SENSANALYSIS owner of the world's only database & software PREDICT that uses AI to deliver a fully automated qualitative analysis of consumers’ sensory experiences, saving a lot of time, money and resources.

  • PREDICT is the first and only database and analytics tool for sensory emotion insights

    • Approx. 10million data points from over 300,000 qualitative consumer evaluations of concepts, products, packaging and ads of major global and regional leader in six major product categories
    • Collected over 20+ years undertaken in 17 countries and six major product categories
    • AI-supported software with various innovative analyses

  • PREDICT reflects our mission to fundamentally improve NPD & testing in terms of profitability and sustainability.

    • Increases success rate, reduce flop rate and costs of NPD by some 50% 
    • Is Turning losers into winners to make more out of development efforts and costs
    • Is Ensuring decision driving-results in quantitative product tests to select the best prototype


  • provides instant access to deep consumer sensory insights which can significantly improve the success rate of new launches, reduces development costs.
  • addresses problems with underperforming products on the market and stimulate creativity.
  • delivers key advanced AI-powered insights from historical data in terms of sensory descriptions, emotions and associations.
  • is a sensory add –on module for any NPD and research task dealing with concepts, packaging, ads or products.
  • is making sensory scalable for CPG -, Insight-, Consulting - and/or Flavor & Fragrance companies.


Each automated analyzes is available, with only 2-3 additional specific open-ended questions added to each research test and sample size

  • Matching analysis with detailed sensory profiles – fully automatic and AI-supported

    • Consumers’ evaluations of a concept or pack, are providing an ideal sensory profile as a contribution to an R&D briefing.
    • Consumers’ product evaluation, are leading to rich storytelling, emotions, memories and associations which stimulates creativity, develop claim ideas and contributes to an agency briefing

  • Trigger point analysis - fully automated and AI-powered

    • Identification of those sensory dimensions which can trigger certain important concept criteria and/or liking for improvement

  • Coherence analysis - partly automated with qualitative analysis (programming in progress) gives answers if a product is coherent, (i.e. if it's going to succeed) with improvement suggestions and coherence index as a new benchmark

    • Fixing quickly and easily a “problem child” on the market
    • Identifying the best strategy for a relaunch
    • Analyzing flops and turn them into reborn winners
    • Predicting market success with improvement suggestions

  • All services are available as a standalone full-service project or with 2-3 additional specific open-ended questions as an add-on to any of your research projects, regardless of methodology or sample size.